In the year 2001, Pooja Nathwani embarked into the field of education with a commitment to contribute and give something meaningful back to society in a profession that she was really passionate about, making a difference and being inspirational at work. Not the one to be deterred by obstacles, driven by her enthusiasm and spirit for learning, she earned several degrees in ECCEd, M.Com, M.Ed, Masters in English (Linguistics), English from Trinity (London) and finally Ph.d.

Practicing what she preaches, she further immersed herself into years of hands on research and experience, heading renowned preschools, discovering alternate techniques to enhance her craft.

Being an avid Traveller, her quest to explore new places permitted her to visit several preschools across the globe straddling London, Scotland, Paris, Bali, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore, Thailand, Rishikesh, Dharamshala and Mysore. She has also mastered the art of Yoga, both Hatha and Ashtanga.

Now a renowned name in the field of education, she devotes quality time setting up preschools, training teachers, ECCEd trainers and aspiring new comers.

Bringing all her consolidated years of expertise in the field of education and yoga, she has now decided to take a step further in her vision to mark a niche in the education industry. With a strong belief in our enlightened Rishi Munis, the treasured Gurukul System and our diverse culture, as well as valuing the ever-evolving modern science, her brand “Chenilles” – Schooling with nature, is a school different from others, where her pedagogy will be based on contemporary, ethnic and novel 21st century education with strong rooted traditional values.


Education (Learning) doesn’t always necessarily take place only in the classroom. Few minutes of walk into nature yields more learning opportunities than two hours of children’s programming. A child’s intellect to look at life with blessed dewiness and involvement is slowly becoming extinct. It is a dire need of the hour, duty and responsibility of the education system and the educator to bring it back into focus on priority.

Teaching children amidst nature and making them experience the core of existence and the immense phenomenon called “life” should become the most important aspect of their growth and development. Having said that, keeping up with the challenges of the ever changing and evolving technology, it is a hulking task for todays and future generations.

At “CHENILLES”, we are determined to create the necessary platform where education is not only about loading children with information, but also making their mind capable of razor sharp perception, having the ability to appreciate life in its full depth and magnitude.

Education is all about experiences, direct or indirect. When education in the form of experiences penetrates into the existence of each child, what transpires is a deep sense of gratitude that has the potency to unfold a completely different dimension of possibilities.

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