At “CHENILLES”, we will provide a strong foundation to your child through our innovative curriculum inspired by philosophers like Reggio Emilia, Howard Gardner, Jean Piaget, Vygotsky, and Maria Montessori, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. We also follow the ancient Gurukul system and Inquiry based learning. The framework of our curriculum is based on the NAEYC (USA), ETL (Hongkong) and also on the Indian philosophy of Samkhya. It covers the following aspects of learning and development in children.

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Language and Literacy

  • Mathematical development

  • Vedic knowledge

  • Knowledge and understanding of the natural environment

  • Physical development

  • Moral development

  • Creative development

Apart from the curriculum our other unique differentiators are:-

  • Natural Environment – At “CHENILLES”, we believe that Mother Nature is the third teacher. Our preschool environment is richly and carefully resourced to stimulate learning and development in children. The environment will engage the child to become an active participant in the learning process.

  • Teachers – At “CHENILLES” our greatest strength lies in the exceptional quality of our teaching staff. They are well-qualified, experienced and have a deep understanding of our children. Our teachers are frequently provided opportunities for training and professional development.

  • Parents Involvement – We view parents as our partners, advocates and collaborators and involve them in every aspect of children’s learning. The school maintains an open door policy and you will be continuously updated about your child’s progress through our in depth documentation process, where teachers maintain records of the child’s work.

We use the National Curriculum framework as a guideline, ensuring that children graduate from U Kg and are fully prepared to go on to Grade 1 in a local school.

The Montessori Method of teaching is purely based on ‘learning using Materials’. The curriculum is tool based and children learn the concepts using the materials specifically designed to teach age groups over 2.5 years. At “CHENILLES”, the environment which is the third teacher is carefully planned and well-researched provocations are set up by teachers to encourage children’s natural curiosity. Teachers help children to drive their own learning and make meaningful discoveries. The curriculum is an emergent one which arises from play and shared investigation.

At “CHENILLES”,  we maintain a healthy teacher child ratio of 1:10.

Additionally, we have well trained attendants who support the teachers in their daily routines.

If your child falls under any age group he/she will be eligible for the corresponding levels

Playschool-1.5 to 2.5 years

Nursery-2.5 to 3.5 years

Daycare-1.5 and above

Yes, in our preschool program each and every activity is supervised by our trained staff.

Yes, all the equipment and material provided to the children at “CHENILLES” is of the best quality, age appropriate, child-safe and non-toxic.

Batch 1 -9.30 to 12.00  Playschool and Nursery

Batch 2-12.30 to 3.00 Playschool and Nursery

Daycare-9 to 6

Office hours-9 to 4

Our academic year runs from June to April; divided into two terms.

You need to schedule a visit to our nearest “CHENILLES” preschool or refer the link on our website: http://chenilleschool.com/admission-process

To tackle separation anxiety, you will be encouraged to spend time with your child at the beginning of the days.  Gradually once your child gets accustomed to the school environment the time spent in the class is reduced.

No. Your child need not be toilet trained, as our trained attendants will ensure that your child is kept clean at all times, with regular checks.

At “CHENILLES”, we follow an open door policy where parents can meet the teachers any day. We organize culmination days at the end of each unit where your child’s work is displayed. Teachers also maintain a portfolio of your child’s progress which will be shared with you on a bi-monthly basis with you.

“CHENILLES” has designed an exclusive Child Care Program where our expert care-providers create a warm, family environment for your child. The caregiver – child ratio is 1:10. Apart from outdoor play, the children are also exposed to dance and drama, music and movement, art and craft, storytelling and puppet shows.

Our caregivers have specialised in early childhood education and development and well-trained in providing first-aid.

Yes, you can choose to enrol your child only in our Child Care program at our pre-school.


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